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The Thirsty Club has evolved from conversations with our customers who always like to talk to us about both business and completely non-business related topics. Also it is out of the normal office or meeting room type environment.

The Thirsty Club runs every Quarter, and although kindly co-sponsored by leading IT Manufacturers, is a completely non-sales evening, and more a relaxed and purely social gathering with complimentary drink and food on hand for guests throughout the evening. The Thirsty Club events are held at different venues in City & West End, so if you’re an IT Director, IT Manager, or a member of a busy IT team and would like to the opportunity to discuss relevant issues, new technologies or just talk about the latest sporting event over a beer or two, then please register your interest and we’ll be happy to let you know about our next event.

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For over 22 years Qual have responded to our customers’ IT requirements by providing the very best products, services, support and tailor-made solutions to meet their specific business demands.

‘Empowering IT’ is the heart of our ethos, we believe that every organisation is unique requiring individual attention to meet their objectives, our aim is to understand the company before understanding the requirement. With offices located in Horley near Gatwick and our friendly and professional approach as an independent IT specialist means we guarantee impartial advice and solutions to ensure our recommendations surpass your expectations.

No sales, no business, just enjoy. Exclusive invitation for IT People. Organise by Qual LTd.